Jena Bishop Has Absolutely Nothing Against Steroid Users But…

Jena Bishop does not want her fans to think that steroids are fueling her performances.

Jena Bishop, a world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu representing the Alliance Team in San Diego, has nothing against martial artists who use anabolic steroids but she wants to make it absolutely clear that she is not one of them. Bishop voluntarily paid to undergo anti-doping tests in order to prove that she competes without the use of prohibited anabolic steroids.

“I could care less if someone use[s]/abuses steroids,” Bishop wrote on InstaGram, “but I think there is a lot of false information and poor understanding of what that really looks like.

“[The ADCC World Submission Fighting Championships] obviously does not test and I have absolutely no problem with that. There are a lot of males and females competing at a high-level taking them but I am not one of them and want to make that clear for ADCC this year.”

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club will not perform steroid testing at the world championships in Anaheim on September 28th and 29th.

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) does not perform drug testing for anabolic steroids or performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). This means that steroid use is tacitly permitted in all competitions organized by ADCC.

The lack of drug testing would lead most observers to conclude that everyone uses some type of anabolic steroid or PED. This would be especially true since many people believe steroid use is rampant even in rigorously drug-tested organizations like Ultimate Fight Championships (UFC).

Bishop acknowledged that many martial artists take advantage of the lack of drug testing in ADCC. But she strongly rejects any assertion that steroids are a requirement to succeed. She even called out Nate Diaz who “eloquently” claimed that everyone (in MMA) uses steroids.

Bishop hopes that her anti-doping test results prove that steroids are not required to become a world champion. And even if everyone else is using steroids, Bishop is not.

For someone that doesn’t think there is anything wrong with using anabolic steroids, Bishop certainly spent a lot of money and went to quite a bit of effort to let everyone known she is steroid-free.

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