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Operation Jerome Results in the Arrest of Dark Web Steroid Dealer

Operation Jerome Results in the Arrest of Dark Web Steroid Dealer

New York man becomes the latest poster boy for steroid dealers lurking on the Dark Web.

Chris Camacho was arrested for allegedly selling anabolic steroids to consumers on the Dark Web. Camacho was charged with 10 fifth-degree felony drug charges. The charges included five counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and five counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance.

Camacho apparently operated exclusively on the Dark Web. He sold steroids in exchange for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Unfortunately for Camacho, his decision to remain on the Dark Web failed to protect him from the reaches of law enforcement.

Camacho was busted as the result of Operation Jerome.

Jason Jerome, a Detective Investigator with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office (NCDA), launched the investigation into Camacho’s suspected steroid operation. Jerome was an expert in drug and financial crimes involving the Dark Web and cryptocurrencies. Jerome was also a crossfit enthusiast who most likely understood the steroid world as it related to the fitness community.

Jerome was unable to see the Camacho investigation to its conclusion. Jerome died during the course of the investigation on May 28, 2020. However, his colleagues continued the investigation. The investigation was renamed “Operation Jerome” in his honor.

“We named this bust ‘Operation Jerome’ to honor NCDA Investigator Jason Jerome, who passed away unexpectedly in May,”according to NCDA Madeline Singas. “Investigator Jerome initiated this investigation, and we remember him as an extraordinary colleague who cared deeply for victims and worked late into the night to recoup their stolen money using his sophisticated computer skills. We miss his smile, tenacity, enthusiasm, friendliness and sense of humor.”

NCDA did not release specific details explaining how Camacho was busted. Investigators strongly suggested that his use of the U.S. Mail system to ship steroids to customers was an important factor leading to his arrest. The United States Postal Inspectors assisted NCDA in the case.

NCDA determined that Camacho shipped over 1,700 packages containing steroids between January 1, 2020 and December 14, 2020. This determination was based on “label profiling, sender name and address, consistent with how the defendant sends packages”.

In addition, computer forensic investigators were able to track down and trace the cryptocurrency transactions (Bitcoin) and link them to Camacho.

NCDA seized over $86,000 and and unspecified quantity of injectable vials of anabolic steroids (including trenbolone).

The DA also made the sensationalistic claim that its office seized $1 million worth of anabolic steroids. The NCDA conveniently neglected to reveal the actual quantities that were seized which made it impossible to independently verify the street value of the steroid seizure. Law enforcement is known to widely exaggerate the dollar value of steroid seizures.

Camacho faces up to 2-1/2 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

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