Optimum Biotech Makes its AnabolicLab Debut with Deca

Optimum Biotech is a new underground laboratory that recently appeared in the inventory of several internet-based sources.

AnabolicLab spends most of its resources to analyze and re-analyze products from the same most popular brands. But occasionally, AnabolicLab will add a new UGL. Optimum Biotech was selected for the first time in the current round of testing.

Optimum Biotech Deca supposedly contains 300 milligrams of nandrolone decanoate per milliliter according to the label claim. AnabolicLab sought to verify the label claim by submitting a product sample to SIMEC in Switzerland.

Optimum Biotech Deca passes all the tests in its debut on AnabolicLab.
Consumers never know what to expect when a new brand appears on the scene. Thankfully, AnabolicLab will occasionally test an up-and-coming brand to put consumer minds at ease.

The SIMEC lab test results revealed that Optimum Bioteh Deca actually contained 271 mg/ml of nandrolone decanoate. The dosage accuracy fell within 100% of the stated label claim.

Optimum Biotech Deca satisfied the AnabolicLab criteria of 80% to 120% dosage accuracy. This was an easy pass for Optimum Biotech.

Optimum Biotech Deca lab report PHOTO

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