Pharmacom Labs NOLT 300 Surprises in a Disappointing Way

Pharmacom Labs NOLT 300 Surprises in a Disappointing Way

Pharmacom Labs short-acting + long-acting nandrolone formula was missing something.

Pharmacom Labs has a good track record of producing relatively accurately dosed products. So it was somewhat surprising to see an AnabolicLab report where Pharmacom NOLT 300 failed to meet its label claims.

First of all, let’s examine the good news. NOLT 300 is supposed to contain 300 mg/ml of a blend of 4 nandrolone esters. The laboratory analysis revealed that NOLT 300 did actually contain 292.5 mg/ml. Unfortunately, the blend only included 2 nandrolone esters.

Now, the bad news… NOLT 300 contained 119 mg/ml of nandrolone phenylpropionate compared to a label claim of 60 mg/ml and 173.5 mg/ml of nandrolone decanoate compared to a label claim of 90 mg/ml. It did not contain any nandrolone propionate or nandrolone laurate as listed.

Pharmacom Labs issued an apology for the undisclosed change in formulation

Pharmacom Labs admitted that it had changed the formula for NOLT 300 earlier this year but neglected to update the labels. A Pharmacom representative issued an apology for undisclosed change on the MESO-Rx forum:

“Our production improved the formula to prevent pips. We have to apologize for not updating info on site and on boards, its`s our fault. We ordered new labels.

“The final active agent concentration is still very close to the manifested 300 mg/ ml. The report showed 292.5 mg/ml, which is within 10% deviation… We really apologize that written material was not updated with the new improved formula in timely manner. But everyone still received 300mg/mL short/long ester nandrolone mix. Obviosuly, there was no ill will or bad intentions.”

We agree that the original formula of two short-acting nandrolone esters and two long-acting nandrolone esters was poorly conceived. It is unlikely that anyone would have ever noticed any difference between the original formula and the new formula. The original formula did not accomplish anything more than the new formula plus it increased the post-injection pain.

But most importantly, we note that truth in advertising is paramount.

Pharmacom Labs NOLT 300 lab report PHOTO

Pharmacom Labs NOLT 300 did not contain 2 out of the 4 nandrolone esters listed on the label

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