Primo of the Gods Makes a Good Testosterone Propionate Product Too

Primo of the Gods Makes a Good Testosterone Propionate Product Too

POTG’s Testosterone Propionate is dosed even better than its Primobolan.

Primo of the Gods recently excelled in AnabolicLab’s testing of its Primobolan product. Of course, people should expect nothing less from a brand that calls itself PRIMO of the Gods. But POTG also manufactures a limited selection of other anabolic steroids.

AnabolicLab selected POTG Testosterone Propionate for analytical testing by SIMEC. The product claims to have 100 milligrams of testosterone propionate per milliliter. The lab test results revealed that it actually contained 99.4 mg/ml.

Primo of the Gods produces good injectables but its orals not so much.

The two POTG injectables selected by AnabolicLab were almost perfectly dosed. Primobolan at 102 / 100 mg/ml. And Testosterone Propionate at 99.4 / 100 mg/ml. But its Anavar Oral Suspension was only dosed at 19 / 30 mg/ml.

POTG claimed to have all of its raw steroid powders independently tested for purity. This could explain why some of its products are so accurately dosed.

However, POTG may not always independently analyze the finished product. This may explain why at least one of its products bombed the AnabolicLab test so badly.

Alternatively, maybe POTG failed to properly mix the Anavar in the suspension prior to bottling. After all, steroid suspension settle very quickly and can cause dosing problems at both the manufacturing and consumer levels.

Primo of the Gods Testosterone Propionate lab report PHOTO

The lab test results revealed that it contained 99.4 mg/ml.

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