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ThermoLife Sues Supplement Retailers Selling Steroids

ThermoLife Sues Supplement Retailers Selling Steroids

ThermoLife goes after and for knowingly selling anabolic steroids under the guise of sports supplement products.

ThermoLife International is struggling to sell its over-the-counter dietary supplement products. And it thinks its in large part due to internet supplement retailers who are selling anabolic steroids masquerading as dietary supplements.

ThermoLife insists that it is totally unfair that it has to compete with internet supplement retailers that are “knowingly and willfully falsely advertising and selling anabolic steroids, aromatase inhibitors, and illegal and unsafe amphetamine like drug stimulants”.

ThermoLife says it abides by the law and distributes products that comply with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). However, several supplement manufacturers are distributing steroids, either as undisclosed ingredients or openly on the label.

A1Supplements and are two of the worst offenders for selling illegal steroids as supplements.

ThermoLife has singled out and as two popular internet-based supplement retailers that unscrupulously sell these illegal steroid products as an easy way to boost sales. It sued the two retailers for false advertising and conspiracy under the Latham Act. The two retailers allegedly sell over 275 products that contain illegal anabolic steroids and/or other synthetic drug ingredients.

Ron Kramer, the founder and CEO of ThermoLife, accused AlSupplements and NetNutri of stealing sales and blatantly selling steroids without regard for their customer health in the interest of personal greed.

“These companies are recklessly putting the health of any consumer that buys these products in danger, all for their own personal greed, and at the same time they are stealing sales from us, and from our customers who license ThermoLife’s ingredients and sell legal Dietary Supplement products,” stated Kramer. “A1 Supplements,, and others are blatantly selling DRUGS falsely labeled Dietary Supplements and it has to stop.”

Kramer recognized that A1Supplements and are only two of dozens of other online retailers who do the exact same thing. A1Supplements and NetNutri are merely the “worst offenders” and represent the “tip of the iceberg”. Kramer promised to sue other offending online retailers in due course.

ThermoLife seeks actual damages from lost sales. It estimates that any judgment could exceed tens of millions of dollars.

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