MyFitnessTrainer Owner Sold Steroids and Xanax According to Police

MyFitnessTrainer Owner Sold Steroids and Xanax According to Police

Marven Yacoub was not just a source of training information but allegedly a source for anabolic steroids and Xanax.

Marven Yacoub, a 27-year old Australian bodybuilder who owns the MyFitness Trainer fitness coaching website and co-owns the Nutrition Station Bondi Junction health food cafe, has been charged with three counts of supplying a prohibited drug and one count of possessing a prohibited drug.

The prohibited drugs included the muscle-building anabolic steroids and the anti-anxiety medication alprazolam (Xanax),

Yacoub allegedly sold 933 vials of injectable steroids and 970 tablets of Xanax to a buyer in Fairfield on November 21, 2019. He was also found in possession of anabolic steroids during a subsequent follow-up police investigation.

Marven Yacoub was first implicated as a steroid dealer in 2013.

Marven Yacoub was kidnapped during an alleged steroid drug deal at a South Auckland Burger King in 2013. Three organized crime members reportedly lured Yacoub to a South Auckland Burger King location by promising to buy steroids from him. They kidnapped him instead.

Yacoub had previously supplied 1048 green pills to Slaimankhel during a meeting in the parking lot of the Sylvia Park Shopping Centre on February 1, 2013. The exchange was observed under police surveillance.

Slaimankhel was arrested immediately following the parking lot meeting with Yacoub. Slaimankhel thought that Yacoub was the snitch who tipped off the police.

Slaimankhel subsequently kidnapped Yacoub in order to force him to sign an affidavit and “take the rap” for the pills found in Slaimankhel’s vehicle. It did not work.

Khalid Naser Slaimankhel and Junior Iolima Paea were convicted of kidnapping Yacoub in 2015.

In a separate incident, Slaimankhel has since been charged with 11 counts of possessing methamphetamine for supply. Slaimankhel’s arrest was the result of a 10-month investigation into methamphetamine trafficking codenamed Operation Maddale in New Zealand. The investigation culminated in November 2019.

The details and circumstances surrounding Yacoub’s arrest on supplying steroids and Xanax have not been publicly revealed. However, Yacoub has been associated with multiple individuals involved in the criminal underworld.

In addition to Slaimankhel, Yacoub is friends with Hossein “YaKiBoY” Balapour. Balapour has had his own steroid problems with the NSW Police. Furthermore, Balapour’s connections to organized crime figures, like the assassinated Pasquale Barbaro, have attracted a lot of unwanted attention.

Yacoub is scheduled to appear again in court on February 26, 2020.

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