Vladimira Krasova Shares a Successful 2014 & Looks Ahead

15th December 2014, Prague – Interview with the only Czech pro bikini competitor. “The competition grows and one must keep improving!” says Vladimira Krasova after season 2014. Following The Olympia, Korean Pro and Prague Pro, you were almost decided to finish off the season and suggested that you would take a break during November and December. […]

DHT Conversion

DHT Conversion As we see from our discussion with estrogen, in considering the physiological effects of any steroid, we must look at all of its active metabolites, and not just the initial compound. This includes not only estrogenic products, but androgenic metabolites as well. With this in mind, it is important to note that the […]

Estrogen Aromatization

Testosterone is the primary substrate used in the male body for the synthesis of estrogen (estradiol), the principal female sex hormone. Although the presence of estrogen may seem quite unusual in men, it is structurally very similar to testosterone. With a slight alteration by the enzyme aromatase, estrogen is produced in the male body. Aromatase […]